qqqqq Synchronization networks

Synchronization nets

High quality services in a digital telecommunications network can not be achieved without a properly designed network's clock synchronization. Our company has an experience in this field since 2000. Typically, the network synchronization equipment  SSU/PRC, is manufactured by few companies in the world. We represent the interests of Gillam FEi (Belgium), manufacturing  US5G product . We also produce our own IEEE1588 synchronisation master/slave equipment SU-1588, wander measuring instrument  IPS-2002, and wander monitoring system WMS-8 for 24x7 synchronization quality testing.

IEEE1588 based synchronization units (SU-1588 model), manufactured by IST in Ukraine, are now implemented in Urkmetrteststandard national T&F laboratory to provide customers with precise (microsecond level)  time-scale.