qqqqq Wandermeters STA-61


Vandermeters are  measuring equipment, specially designed for the wander measurement (defined in ITU-I G.810) and manufactured by industry, usually in the form of portable imstruments with modular design. The main feature is a built highly stable reference (as a rule - rubidium frequency stardard), the source of the reference signal to measure  parameters of wander (TIE, MTIE, TDEV etc), actually representing the various indicators of the temporary instability of the phase of the measured signal. The proposed today in the Ukrainian market vandermeters differ among themselves and the ability rezreshayuschey phase measurements, and a complete set, and, of course, price. The range of our company are represented as vandermetry own production, IPS-2002, IPS-2002M, and the newest wander measuring instrument STA-61, manufactured by Spectracom corporation, successfully complement our range of devices. IPS-2002 has the highest sensitivity in its category (own phase noise - about 160 picoseconds, Digital Resolution - 10 ps) and, in our opinion, much better competing devices can measure the actual level of output Wonder synchronization equipment or network points, slightly of such equipment remote (the remote network locations, where the level rises Wonder, measurements can be performed virtually any on the market vandermetrov). PSI-2002 also has a good mass-dimensional characteristics, especially wear version (mass less than 6 kg, taking into account the built-in GPS receiver or GPS / GLONASS, excluding external laptop). IPS-2002 can be equipped with a test signal generator (simulator Wonder), necessary for testing equipment synchronization. STA-61 is a multichannel instrument (up to 6),  can offer a broader set of measured signals (interface) - including SyncE and IEEE-1588 networks signals, up to two dozen different signals, both digital and analog (typically, such devices are limited to signals of 2,048 MHz, 2,048 Mbps, 10 MHz), and work without an external laptop. Typically, the choice must be made vandermetra through individual consultations, which are available in our office. Telephone specialist advice is provided free of charge. More detailed descriptions and technical specifications of the proposed vandermetrov can be found below:


IEEE1588 based synchronization units (SU-1588 model), manufactured by IST in Ukraine, are now implemented in Urkmetrteststandard national T&F laboratory to provide customers with precise (microsecond level)  time-scale.